Burns kit Large, K388

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LARGE BURNS KIT Contain a variety of products specifically designed for the treatment of burn injuries Kit includes Water Jel dressings to ensure the best treatment for burns injuries Large kits also include clothing cutters for rapid removal of clothing from the burn site Supplied in robust moulded cases with hinged lids Contents First aid guidance leaflet 1 Water-jel information leaflet 1 Burn dressing (5x15cm) 4 Burn dressing (10x10cm) 4 Burn dressing (10x40cm) 2 Burn dressing (20x45cm) 1 Cool jel bottle (50ml) 1 Conforming Bandage 6 Disposable Latex Gloves (pair) 6 Safety pins 6 Clothing cutters 1 Dimensions 29.5x35x11.7 cm

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