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Flame Retardant Hi Vis Clothing

This is our Flame retardant hi vis clothing  which is designed to protect against open flames, fire, and extreme heat. Flame retardant hi vis clothing has become indispensable in jobs that involve welding, cutting, and grinding metals – such as mechanical and engineering jobs. If you are looking for flame retardant clothing that is not hi vis then click here for our flame retardent workwear section.

Our extensive range of flame retardant hi vis clothing includes everything from flame retardant hi vis trousers to flame retardant hi vis jackets and vests. The majority of items in this collection complies with eniso20471 (where applicable), en533, EN ISO 14116 standards (please make sure they are suitable before purchase) and they are constructed from one of the main three tried and tested fire-resistant materials known to the market, including:


  1. Proban – a technological process that gives hi vis fabric long-term flame retardant properties by coating the material in a flame resistant coating
  2. Pyrovatex – is a Flame retardant fabric that is treated to provide maximum protection from fire, whilst retaining it’s softness, breathability, and ability to wick away moisture from the skin the flame proofing is in the fibres

If you work in an industry with a high risk of fire or flames, it may be time to invest in a piece of fire retardant hi vis clothing. Browse through our full collection today at Hi Vis.co.uk and be sure to stay safe at work!


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When working in a hazardous environment or industry, such as the oil or petrol industry, the safety of you and your colleagues is of paramount importance. High visibility clothing is always a must, but sometimes, it is also vital that you invest in hi vis fire resistant and anti static workwear for your company. Such anti static workwear combines years of experience with advanced and innovative technology. It prevents the build-up of static electricity and sparks, thus reducing the risk of sudden electrocution or static shock and keeping you safe in an extremely dangerous workplace.

Here at Hi Vis, we have everything you need to stay protected in the modern working environment - from hi vis flame retardant antistatic hi vis vests to anti-static jackets. All items in our fire-resistant hi vis anti static workwear collection are constructed to the highest possible standard and, they are fully-compliant with relevant eniso20471, EN1149 & EN531 or EN533 regulations. Styles are available in popular hi vis colourways - including yellow, orange, and a combination of orange and navy – and many items can be custom printed with a fast 7-day turnaround. Whatever your personal requirements, when it comes to flame retardant antistatic hi vis clothing, we’ve got you covered!

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