**Considering the major supply chain impact Brexit, Covid and the lack of LGV drivers and shortage of containers coming in to the country, our own large stocks of our main lines of hi vis vest and coats etc are holding up well. We are however like everyone else suffering delays on some higher end clothing and leisurewear items and would urge you to contact us to check your delivery if your items are urgently required next day, MOST COURIERS WILL NOT GUARANTEE NEXT DAY . Please click here for more info.

Voucher Codes


We have found that there are code/voucher/coupon websites offering discount vouchers for our website. We understand these are easy to find by searching for hivis codes etc etc, and as a result a number of our customers are being misled into entering details to claim a voucher or being directed via these companies to our website with the claim of a discount from products. 

We want to make it clear that these websites are in no way affiliated with us and are using our brand without permission. We do not use third party websites or companies  to offer discounts or price promotions as we keep our prices as low as possible all the time, and these advertised discount codes are fake will not work.

You will therefore always find the best price by coming direct to us and any voucher or money off promotion we run will be advertised from our official social media or other channels.

You will only find official promos in the following places:

  • Our website
  • Our email communications ( if you register for these when purchasing)
  • Our social media channels

Fraudulent voucher code websites mislead you into entering personal data by promising discounts that are not valid. The sources behind these fraudulent sites can use your information and combine this with other sources to provide a clear picture of your identity in order to conduct identity theft or other types of fraud. We strongly advise that if you are a UK customer and you have been a victim of fraud that you report the incident to https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/.


At the time of wrting these webstes are offering fake codes for hivis.co.uk (sept 2020)

greenpromocode.com offer FAKE or misleading hivis.co.uk voucher codes

hotdeals.com/uk/ offer FAKE or misleading hivis.co.uk voucher codes

whatisapromocode.com/ offer FAKE or misleading hivis.co.uk voucher codes

voucherarea.com offer FAKE or misleading hivis.co.uk voucher codes

whatisapromocode.com/coupons/hivis-co-uk  offer FAKE or misleading hivis.co.uk voucher codes

vouchercat.co.uk offer FAKE or misleading hivis.co.uk voucher codes

couponasion.com/uk/hivis.co.uk offer FAKE or misleading hivis.co.uk voucher codes

https://www.couponxoo.com offer FAKE or misleading hivis.co.uk voucher codes


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