Dr Martens Safety Boots & Shoes

We have a vast collection of famous Dr Martens Safety Boots and shoes here at Hi Vis. We have both pull on and lace up Dr Martens Safety Shoes as well as Dr Martens Steel Toe Cap boots.
Dr Martens boots, commonly known as ‘Doc Martens’ are well-made, high-quality footwear suitable for men, women and children.
We provide a wide range of safety footwear at affordable prices which are perfect for protecting your feet while you are in the workplace or on site. Amongst our selection of Doc Martens Safety Boots are the Torness boot as well as the Icon boot, which feature iconic yellow stitching around and the sole.

Many of our selection of Dr Martens shoes are heat resistant up to 80°C and are SRA slip resistant too, offering excellent support for your feet. Our range all have breathable linings to provide you with increased comfort.

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Size: 6
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Size: 6, 12
As low as: £64.80
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