Safety Boots

Our range of Steel toe cap boots and non-steel safety boots can be steel and non metal toe caps with steel or non metal midsole known as composite footwear. Our non steel midsole and toe cap boots are suitable for where metal detectors are in use at airports, secure warehouse environments and such. Non steel toe caps known as composite toe cap and midsole also tend to be lighter that traditional steel cap boots so can provide longer wearability. Composite safety boots and shoes have become far more popular in recent years for this reason. We also have work boots without steel toe cap or midsole.

Safety toe cap leather boot
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£18.50 £13.95
As low as: £12.56
As low as: £12.97
Safety boot with steel midsole
Save 25%
£18.50 £13.95
As low as: £12.56
As low as: £17.55
As low as: £22.18
As low as: £23.36
As low as: £25.92
Cofra Hull Safety boot black
Save 34%
£45.00 £29.70
As low as: £26.73
Size: 4, 5, 12
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