Spill Kits

Oil spill kits Chemical spill kits and spill control systems all with fast delivery. We have spill soak up mats, booms, Socks and spill granules for clearing up most hazardous and non hazardous substances.
The control of substances that are hazardous to health regs 2002 state that  employers have a duty to ensure emergency response can be actioned efficiently and immediately in the event of a spill.
As part of ENISO14001 there is a requirement that identification of potential spill hazards, and spill emergencies, along with preventing further impact on any spill to the environment.

In a nutshell it means the company must have in place enough adequate spill equipment to tackle any oil, chemical or generic spill in a quick and effective manner, to avoid any water contamination or effects on the general environment or life in it.




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