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Hi Vis Accessories

When it comes to staying seen in the dark, hi vis accessories can be just as effective as a jacket or vest. They’re a fantastic option if you like to cycle to work or go for a quick evening run, allowing you to get that all-important exercise well into the autumn and winter months – when the mornings are dark, and the nights start to draw in. Just pack your essentials into one of our hi vis backpacks, put on one of our high visibility reflective baseball caps and you’re ready to go!

Here at Hi Vis, we offer a fantastic selection of hi vis accessories, including everything from hi vis bags, holdalls and gymsacs to baseball caps and more. Each item comes in a traditional hi vis yellow, bright orange or navy-blue colourway, with silver reflective stripes to make sure you stand out whilst cycling or running on the busy roads. With a variety of well-known brands to choose from – such as Beechfield, Pulsar, Quadra, Result, RTY, and Shugon – we guarantee there will be something in this collection to suit your personal preferences. Hi vis accessories are probably the easiest way to stay seen in the dark; so why not take a look today and get kitted out for the autumn-winter months!

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