**Considering the major supply chain impact Brexit, Covid and the lack of LGV drivers and shortage of containers coming in to the country, our own large stocks of our main lines of hi vis vest and coats etc are holding up well. We are however like everyone else suffering delays on some higher end clothing and leisurewear items and would urge you to contact us to check your delivery if your items are urgently required next day, MOST COURIERS WILL NOT GUARANTEE NEXT DAY . Please click here for more info.

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Hi Vis Jackets and Coats

Yellow hi vis coats with long sleeves and padded are usually required to be worn by people working on or near motorways or main roads. They can provide Class 3 hi visibility protection in yellow or orange and can be padded, unpadded and waterproof to varying levels, judges by stadard en343 for waterproofing and breathability.  

Here at hivis.co.uk, we can supply padded and waterproof hi vis coats with next day delivery and an assortment of Hi Vis Jackets and Coats that conform to Class 2 or Class 3 Hi Visibility. Our most popular Yellow Hi Vis coats  and our Orange Hi Vis Jackets and bombers jackets are available with Next Day delivery.
Our hi vis coat and jacket collection allows you to be clearly seen on dark nights at work and they will also keep you dry and warm on cold winter days if you have to work outdoors.
Make yourself and your staff stand out and remain clearly visible with a yellow hi visibility jacket. Discover our Hi Vis Work Jackets, which come in a selection of styles and sizes - including two-toned hi vis jackets!
Amongst the designs, we have in stock are hi vis motorway coats, hi vis rain jackets, waterproof jackets, traffic jackets and bomber jackets. We also stock hi vis coats for ladies and children to ensure everyone can remain safe, warm and dry.

As with all our products, where relevant, our hi vis jackets conform to either, ENISO20471 or RIS 3279 TOM Rail spec of which more specific information can be found here. We can print your business logo or name on our jackets to ensure you stand out even further from the crowd - all made with a quick turnaround!

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From: £13.12
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From: £13.12
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(£81.90 inc vat)
£23.85 (£28.62 inc vat)
From: £16.65
(£22.20 inc vat)
From: £20.66
(£27.54 inc vat)
From: £19.35
(£25.80 inc vat)
From: £18.59
(£24.79 inc vat)
From: £17.62
(£23.50 inc vat)
From: £26.09
(£34.79 inc vat)
From: £26.96
(£35.94 inc vat)
From: £20.79
(£31.19 inc vat)
From: £25.49
(£35.99 inc vat)
From: £22.05
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