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Hi Vis Salopettes or Bib & Brace

 Whether you're braving the elements on a construction site, directing traffic on a busy highway, or working roadside in any condition, staying safe and seen is paramount. Our collection of hi-vis salopettes and bib & brace in orange or yellow  offers exceptional visibility and protection, ensuring you remain a beacon of awareness even in low-light environments.
    • Waterproof Protection: Conquer the elements with our waterproof hi-vis options, featuring durable fabrics and sealed seams to keep you dry and comfortable during downpours, sleet, and snow.
    • High Visibility colours: Choose from classic yellow or bold orange, both certified to meet EN ISO 20471 standards for maximum visibility. Reflective tape strategically placed across the garment ensures you're always seen, even in twilight and foggy conditions.
    • Comfort and Functionality: Our salopettes and bib & brace come in a variety of styles and sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Adjustable braces, zipped leg openings, and multiple pockets provide practicality and ease of movement throughout your workday.
  • Safety Standards: Look for styles that comply with industry-specific regulations like EN 343 for breathability and water penetration resistance, or RIS-3279-TOM for railway work.
    • Construction workers: Highlight features like reinforced knees, abrasion-resistant fabric, and ample storage for tools and equipment.
    • Traffic control & roadside workers: Emphasize the importance of bright colours and high-reflectivity for maximum visibility in high-traffic areas.
  • General workwear: Focus on the versatility of salopettes and bib & brace, their suitability for various outdoor jobs, and the wide range of colours and styles available.

Don't compromise on safety or comfort. Browse our extensive collection of hi-vis salopettes and bib & brace today and find the perfect gear to stay safe and seen on the job. Shop now and enjoy fast delivery and competitive prices!

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