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Flame Retardant Hi Vis Vests

Our Flame Retardant Hi Vis Vests come as just Flame Retardent only or they can be Flame Retardent and Anti Static Vests. Flame Retardent hi vis vests spec come in as ENISO 11612:2008 or also as EN ISO 14116:2008 which replaces the old EN533 spec. The vests on this page all comply to eniso20471 class 2 or 3 for hi visibility and either of the flame retardent or anti static of the specs above. If they are anti static then they will also comply to EN 1149-5:2008.

Flame retardent vests are for where limited flame spread is required, and Anti Static Hi Vis Vests are useful for when wearing in conditions where risk or sparking could cause explosion. These types of vests have carbon fibres running through them to keep a constant earthing to reduce risk of flame. Industries using the tyeps of vests "anti ststic" woudl be petro chemical, offshore installations, or any ESD critical workplace. 


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