Orange Railway Hi Vis Vests

An orange hi vis vest is perfect for use on the railways and the GO/RT rail spec range from gives you plenty of options when it comes to choosing your vest. Our collection is available as both a velcro or pop off tear apart orange hi vis waistcoast to allow you to quickly and safely remove it if you need to.

As well as our railway hi vis vests we also provide hi visibility bib and braces in railway orange. The benefits of these products are that they can ensure you are highly visible on railways and therefore well seen by other workers and vehicles. The reflective banding also means you can be easily identified at night and in darker parts of the railway.

We stock Orange Hi Vis Waistcoats in sizes ranging from small (S) to four times extra-large (4XL) so there is a size that can provide an ideal fit for all workers. If you want to talk about our collection of hi vis products, then call us on 01744 814004. Our expert members of staff will be more than happy to discuss our orange hi vis vest range.

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