We are still despatching with industry beating deadlines as normal as our warehouses / logo units are still open for online orders. Our shop is limited 1 person entry to supply PPE items.
We have supplied the latest stock of our PPE masks goggles etc to the NHS Effort and were commended for not increasing prices during this time like other suppliers.
Some brands of Leisurewear like AWDIS, HENBURY,  are  in short supply due to logistical problems. All hi vis and current stocks are good.

Keep safe everyone 

Long Sleeve Hi Vis Vests

Here at hivis.co.uk we offer a massive selection of long sleeved Hi Vis Vests, each of which keeps you well seen and visible on site, on the roads or on the railways. Thanks to their long sleeves they also keep you more visible being class 3, rather than their short sleeve class 2 counterparts. If you are looking for sleeveless hi vis vests they are here

Available with next day delivery and with custom printing to include your company logo or business brand, our Long Sleeve Hi Vis Vests have either EN ISO 20471 certification class 2 or 3 and can be bought in either yellow or orange.

Our collection includes both velcro fasten and zip up designs, hi vis vests with pockets and each incorporate the use of reflective banding to allow you to stand out at night or in lowly lit environments.

We believe it is important to stock hi vis vest sizes that allow everyone to be able to find a vest that fits them. Therefore, our range spans from extra small (XS) to six times extra-large (6XL).

To get in contact with our experienced team to discuss our full collection of products, which includes Hi Vis Long Sleeve Shirts, you can call us on 01744 814004.

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