Traffic Cones

Road traffic cones suitable for chapter 8 sign use and available in various colours such as red and white, orange, red, blue, yellow and road cones for parking or no parking situations. Our traffic cones can come pre moulded or sand weight with reflective sleeves and can be use to mark off roads or motorways, equally our road cones can be used on private land or commerical use.

Our traffic ones come in various sizes, we have 1 metre road cones, 750mm - 75cm traffic cones or 500mm - 50cm cones. We stock JSP Navigator cone, 2 piece cones, Road hog 1 piece cones and more.
Road traffic cones provide essential safety measures on main roads when you want to allow direction of traffic flow to keep drivers and workers safe. We sell our pallets of road traffic cones to many people including highways departments, privates industrial users or even people who may want to cone off a work area.

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