Social Distancing Products

Here are our Social Distancing Products custom printed logo Corona or Covid 19 Hi Vis Vests, Tee Shirts and other items such as posters and floor stickers. The vest and polo shirts have personalised printing such as Key Worker, Social Distancing, NHS Volunteer and logos aswell as Keep Away 2 metres etc, in fact most of the corona virus messages required to help do your job assisting others in the outbreak of the virus or to make people aware to social distance or that you are a key worker or Community Volunteer

If you don't see the Covid 19 or Corona message you need on the t shirts or hi vis vests just give us a call, and we can custom design it for you.

Most shops supermarekts, take aways and businesses that have people working are instructed to have social distancing methods in place, these stickers or floor   graphics will make it obvious for people where to stand in either till queues or waiting for takeways etc.

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