Street Graphics For Tarmac & Pavements

Here is our range of floor graphics for social distancing or in fact anything you require for stickers to be stuck outdoors to the floor. Floor sign displays are useful for informing visitors which way to go, floor arrows, keep distance stickers, or even advertising products or services.

Street Rap Outdoor floor graphics that stick to tarmac, concrete or bitumen and pavements that are waterproof, are intended to be for short or medium term use dependent on amount of traffic or load weight are great when over laminated normal floor graphics wouldl only last days not weeks.

The outdoor floor stickers, especially ones suitable for rough surfaces must be over laminated to be effective in all cases, otherwise peeling will occur very soon after getting wet . We overlaminate our graphics with minimum R12 Anti slip waterproof laminate, to ensure the best longevity, but as ever, as there are a multitude of surfaces we always recommend a sample to try first before any applicationon on any surface.  A test fitting is advised for as long as possible to ensure they are suited for your application.

We can custom print your floor graphics for pavements or tarmac and concrete and despatch in as little as same day, call us today on 01744 814004 for advice and costs.



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