Hi Vis Security Clothing

By the very nature of their job, most security staff work in a dark and poorly-lit environment – perhaps watching over a private building site at night or providing security at a busy night-time concert. It is vitally important that security officers stand out from a crowd, making their presence known to all around and asserting their authority; which is why, more and more often, they can be seen wearing high-visibility clothing – such as a hi vis security jacket or a security hi vis vest.

Here at Hi Vis, we currently stock an extensive range of hi vis security clothing and accessories, including hi vis vests, outdoor coats, and SIA-style armbands. These products come in a variety of different colourways (i.e. black, blue, orange, pink, red, silver, and yellow) and they are usually pre-printed with a reflective security badge in black or blue and silver. Some of our hi vis security clothing is available for customisation, such as the addition of a personal logo, and we offer an extremely fast turnaround on all of our orders. So why not browse through the full online collection today and see which of our security hi vis products meet your requirements.

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