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Anti Static Arc Flash Hi Vis Clothing

This is our Anti static ARC Flash and flame retardent hi vis clothing if you are looking for just flame retardant clothing only just click here .
Anti static flame retardent hi vis clothing is specially made protective hi vis clothing that helps protect the worker from risk of flash arc explosion or flames maybe in an Atex area. It is mostly used by people working in the petrol tanker industry, gas workers, or anyone who works in an arc critical or ATEX zone.

We have anti static hi vis trousers, jackets and coveralls, that can comply to EN ISO 20471 for hi vis, en1149 for antit static properties and also en11612 for flame retardent conformity. Please check each product for the standard you require.
There terms used when wearing anti static hi vis clothing such as , Intrinsiaclly safe or inherantly flame retardent hi vis. Intrinsically safe means the product is designed to not arc and cause sparks to prevet explosions in Atex or gassy areas. They usually carry fine lines of carbon throughout the garment to assist in its electrostatic properties, and you can see this if you look closely as a "checked" pattern woven into the fabric.

Inherently flame retardent hi vis clothing means the actual fibres that make the garment will not catch a flame, thus making it all inherently flame retardent as possibe, as opposed to some normal flame retardent garments that just have a flame proof coating applied. Inherent FR clothing come marketed with names such as 

  1. Nomex – a revolutionary inherently flame retardant anti static material that creates a stable, inert barrier between fire and skin, this will not catch fire as the fibres are inherently flame retardent.
    2: Hydra flame, which again is inherent, and is modacrylic fibres.
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